Why We Lost The Thomas Cup To Japan


bruno said…
It is always about Lee Chong Wei.Lee Chong Wei alone cannot win the Thomas Cup.It needs a team of having readily available well trained players and ample reserves ready to fill in.
bruno said…
Team morale and confidence is very important.Whenever we hear leaders open their mouths it is Lee Chong Wei.It is as if there is only one player representing Malaysia only.
Big Sea said…
Malaysia do not have enough good players. That's it.

Morale and confidence only comes into the equation when the skill and ability are close.
Big Sea said…
When Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan in the two Olympic , that was due to morale, confidence and pride.

I do not like Lin Dan but if you look at him, he is ready to take on the whole world.
Lee Chong Wei does not even have the courage to reject the manipulation from certain political party.

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