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Equity Research In Malaysia – A Review

(Please note that this letter was published in The Edge 2Q2004)

Putting aside the exchange rate control for the ringgit – the Malaysian equity market is quite open. In our Financial Masterplan to further expand and liberalise our financial markets, an important aspect has not been touched upon much, and that is equity research. If we aim to make the Malaysian bourse into one that has truly international best-practice, we need to address this issue.

Research has always been seen as a cost. No one is willing to put funds into it unless it can yield significant benefits. The universal broker concept has reduced the number of broking firms in the country significantly. How many have a viable research department? How many listed companies are actually covered? Most research units cover 20-30 of the Main Board stocks, and even then only the big ones usually. Added to that, they may cover a smattering of 10-20 stocks for various reasons. That is out of over 1,000 stocks that is listed. If we l…