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The Big Short ***** (5 Stars)

Just saw the movie. If you are in the investment industry for the past 10-30 years, it's flicking brilliant. As good as the book by my fav writer. Which is why I only have time to read nonfiction... If you are not, this might be a hit n miss. Danger being lost with the terminologies but they have tried very hard to explain everything. 

The director did a smart thing by getting a few "guests" as themselves explaining various investing concepts and terminologies to movie goers - that was a hoot. Especially with Margo Robbie in bath explaining investing terminologies ... then we had Anthony Bourdain and even Selena Gomez.

The Big Short will be a frontrunner for Oscars ... the overwhelming stupidity, criminality, conspiracy and institutionalised depravity of the financial system will ensure that this movie will At Least get nominated as Best Picture this year. The Academy likes to give out honours to very old people or to make a statement ...The Big Short falls under the latte…

Star Wars vs Pahang

credit Yusri Amir

What Is Wrong With China (Markets)

What caused the calamity:

a) the Chinese stock exchanges have grown terribly big over the past 7-10 years

b) the regulatory side had been lacking in many areas - no strict imposition of margin lending; wishy washy rules on shorting, so much so that some foreign funds have been able to short the China shares pretty easily(thanks also to Citic Securities); the silly rule that allows companies to suspend themselves indefinitely for no reason, etc...

c) the impostion of circuit breakers is good, just like they had in American exchanges, but again when the regulatory side fails to understand the essence of their own markets, the circuit breakers only encourage more selling to queue up .. why is that, the regulatory body did not realise that the largest participants in their markets are private/retail and not institutional or foreign ... what I am trying to get at is the markets there may be BIG but they are NOT DEEP ENOUGH ... depth is measured by number of participants, the kind of participa…