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Psuedo Canto Movie Titles (Updated with Answers)

Most must have watched Douglas Lim's hilarious take on putting Canto-slang translated English to movie franchises. My kind of twisted sense of humour. So here's my contribution... see if you can decipher their Canto-slang meaning of these movie titles:

Sei Lun Ngang

Hai Lutt
Chi Seen

Hum Kar Chan
Hum Kar Ling

Asian Gaming Traits & Extrapolations To Business and Markets

Go to any casino in the world, be it Perth, Sentosa, Vegas, Seoul, London, ... and you are likely to hear occasional shouts of "Picture". Mind you, the shouts will largely come from groups of Asian gamblers from various countries, most of who will not be able to pass English at O Levels.

I have often wondered how the locals (those in non-Asian countries) viewed these Asian gamblers. Should you classify them as rude, boorish, madcap, poor appreciation of math and house margins', "should be in gamblers' anonymous", class-less, "does not know the value of money", etc...

As in any generalizations, there are more truths in these generalizations rather than pure myths. 

The Game

Ask a group of diverse people, you can easily separate true gamblers from amateurs:  the last 4 games of baccarat showed the PLAYER winning ... will you bet, and if you do, what will you bet on?

Normal Gamblers: BANKER, even though each game does not rely on past events, it is more u…