Monday, March 24, 2014

MSNBC Rightly Blasts CNN & Fox News

Well Fox News is not even news, its more like propaganda really, ... just consider Murdoch's speculative tweets, that tells you a lot about the way he runs his papers and media empire .... but CNN as well?? ... its going down the tubes, c'mon KL is not part of Indonesia. If you are not sure, CNN should not be sending you to cover Asia. If I do not know the difference between the Balkans and the Baltics ... would CNN send me to cover Eastern Europe???


Of course the lack of information regarding the flight hasn’t stopped outlets like CNN and Fox News from spending an inordinate amount of time reporting on the tragedy. It is disaster porn in the form of conspiracy theories. Rather than focusing on closure for grieving families, the search has taken on Hollywood-like proportions.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes has had enough. Watch as he calls out CNN and Fox News for using “boogeyman” scare tactics:


Unknown said...

this is brilliant

panaceaasia said...

Hi Dali,

What is your view on the Kian Joo takeover?

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