Thursday, May 12, 2016

Must Watch Cantopop Concert June

If you like Cantopop, and you like to support amazing local talent ... you must go to this concert.

1 st & 2nd June 2016 @ NoBlackTie ... 9pm-11pm

Cover: RM60 without drinks

Trust me, she is my god- daughter ...

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bruno said...

I am at present out of the country,so I might have to take a rain check for the upcoming concert.

One thing,I am watching the US presidential elections very carefully.Like a hawk.

The Donald Trump is having a party going after the spouse of Hillary,Bill Clinton for his infidelities.Committed nearly two decades ago with a handful of women.Or maybe more,many whom have not come out of the woodworks.

Why have the Clinton camp not go after The Donald Trump.The Duck have multiple sex scandals too.He was cheating on Ivana Trump with Marla Maples.And of course the marriage ended in divorce.

After marrying "The Peach",for the Donald's second marriage and having a daughter,one half of the pair was caught by a policeman on the beach.After hours of course.Beaches have closing time too,like our bars,nightclubs,karaokes,coffee shops etc.So the policeman took the pair down to the station.The press corps have their best organism ever.The one half of the pair was "The Peach" with her personal bodyguard.

Of course,the bodyguard got the sack from the Duck.But,he gave all sorts of excuses and denied that "The Peach" was having an affair with her bodyguard.To save face that it was the affair that broke up the marriage,the pair took their time and divorced one and a half years later.

Maybe the Clinton camp is saving the best for last,exclusively for The Donald,of course.

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