Wednesday, December 01, 2010

2V1G @ nbt with Zyan & Roger Wang

It was a wonderful night at No Black Tie. It was an intimate night of heartfelt music generated by the talents of 2V1G and special guest Zyan. Zyan's and Roger's albums were available for sale as well. Their actual release is about in a week's time. So we get to buy them earlier at NBT.

I have said enough about Zyan. Roger Wang is probably the best guitarist in Malaysia alongside Paul Ponnudurai. His Milestones album encapsulates his career so far. The double discs are worth its weight in gold. Brilliant and great value for posterity.


If you guys were not there last night, try and beg for a seat tonight (last night) at NBT. I will be there again.

I am still enthralled by 4 songs of the many they performed last night: Winnie Ho's Coming Home and her absolutely heartfelt And I Love You So (Don McLean's not The Beatles' version), then there was Ah Fei's surprising take on Alan Tam's Mou Chi Luen, even better than the original, and Roger's instrumental version of The Beatles' Here, There & Everywhere, taking us everywhere that is unconstrained by lyrics.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dali

Can you comment on Uchitech. its earning seem to start picking up and dividend also attractive, paying 5sen TE interim + expected another 5sen TE final.

What is target price of these stock, could it back to last 2 year at above 2.50 and trading at PE=15x ?

steve said...

I was there last night.
It's my first time listening to their music and performance.
I'd say both Winnie and Fei took about two songs to get themselves ready to perform, except Roger. Roger is steady from the beginning.
I like Winnie's singing much more than Fei and Zyan. Winnie is the kind of singer who is mature enough to portrait the song with their own confident way with personality. Fei and Zyan sing like a student, who still perform very carefully on the techniques and the sound on their vocal.
As for Roger, he's very experience and confident. However, I don't find his playing musical...I mean, his performance was very well, just that the composition is just so ordinary without much personality and creativity, such as Winnie.

Choong said...

Wonder when will the CD be out ? Plan to get one

Beautiful song and tune, mixing chinese oldies with a brazilian twist, very tantalising.

yeung said...

wonderful performance.Bought their records and got their autographs as well hee hee...thanks to this blog for the introduction to these very talented local talents!

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