Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Why was Margaret Thatcher relevant or important to us? For many younger Brits, they may not realise it but the jobs and opportunities they have now are largely due to Thatcher. Why do I say that? Did you know what Britain was like in the 70s-80s... the unions had the rule of the day ... many were led by similar union leaders who wreaked havoc in Australia in the early 70s. It was getting to the stage where almost every week there was a new union striking for higher wages.

In her infinite wisdom and courage, she had the balls to not be part of the European Union, and stayed with the British pound. In her heart she probably knew the E.U. was a recipe for disaster ... and she was very right ... Funny how seemingly no one seems to be willing to attribute her achievements. Somehow I think it would be so different if Margaret was a man ... I think the accolades would have been enormous. Let us all check our biases .....

It was very difficult for any politician to deal with such threats and ransom-like tactics by the unions. It was her inner belief in having free markets that led her to be thorough in her reforms. She had the political integrity and political will to push things through even though knowing there will be bouts of resentment and adjustment for the real economy. But Thatcher, did, she told the people that she will get rid of them, and that the people would need to suffer for a while. They whacked the unreasonable unions out and had to endure some disruption in services but things just went skyrocketing after that.

That paved the way for the financial liberalisation for London to be the new financial center. The policies of Thatcher were smart and strategic to get UK where it is now. The young people now take their jobs for granted, not knowing how much hardship Thatcher had to go through, not to mention the male-egocentric naysayers in House of Commons and the street.

It was a job that would have taken a woman twice the might to get it done, buit she did it and she did it because she is a woman. Our Mahathir took a huge license from her political strategy to make it his own in the 90s - don't lie Dr. M, it was blatant and for all to see.

She deregulated the financial sector, privatised many state-owned companies, and took on the then-powerful trade unions. The resulting spike in unemployment accompanied by protests and inner-city riots tested her early leadership, but the 1982 Falklands war cemented her popularity, and she won two more general elections before her ‘poll tax’ proved a bridge too far.

Lady Thatcher also played a key role in the end of the Cold War, leading the West’s embrace of reformist Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

If you followed her pursuits, she was an incredible debater, an excellent speech maker, a remarkable political strategist ... a person who can govern with a strong sense of capitalism and pragmatism. Many on the socialistic bent may disagree with her policies, and I do at times, but overall she was magnificent as a person and a politician.

Sometimes it takes a woman to do a man's job.

 RIP, Mrs Thatcher.


CK said...


She is a Baroness.

Like U, I disliked many of her economic policies, which were deemed draconian & bourgeoisie, in their early implementation.

Look, what have these policies done to uplift the financial status of UK! More so about the objection of joining the EU.

Hindsight or pure political gamble? Possibly 50/50.

What totally change my perception about her is her admittance in her twilight years about her negligence of her family life/members due to her head-strong single-mindedness of hard fights on her political career.

She did say that given chance again, she would like to be a more responsible mother towards her family than her country.

The woman side of her that shone out from her iron-side political mentality.

A statesperson ( as in statesman), through & through. Unlike the current breed of politicians.


Black Ink said...

She was determined. To uphold Apartheid. With R.Reagen.

So i guess Doc M took that page out of her book too, with our vey own flavor of institutionalized and legislated racism. Thanks Thatcher.

I'm with the Good Riddance crowd on this one Dali.

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