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Its Official, It Is Possibly The Best Sandwich I've Had

You get very cynical when you see advertising like below. I think Dave's Deli do wonderful stuff with simple food. I believe the father son team opened Dave as a more upmarket dining place at 1U. Its pretty decent.

Then I saw this banner for a couple for months already. Seriously??!!

Basically its good roasted pork belly, but its the accompanying veggies and condiments that make the sandwich sparkle. I kid you not, once I had it, I immediately order one to takeaway.

Don't play-play ... the bread is imported from France OK...

Shan't describe too much about the taste, go and try it yourself ... somehow it goes very well with a hot cup of Americano.


elizabeth said…
Had it a month ago, yes, agree absolutely!
elizabeth said…
Had it a month ago, yes, agree absolutely!
panaceaasia said…
The service is poor and the majority of the staff rude.
Hi Dali,

Sorry to comment so directly but I notice that your frequency on stock pick has declined recently.

Does that mean stock market is very hard to find good stocks now?
Hi Dali,

Sorry to say that your blog has recently comment less on stocks.

Does that mean there are very few good stocks now in the market?
Unknown said…
Just a coincidence that two days ago, I made a basic sandwich out of the long bread (can't remenber the name, starts with B, i think)bought from Carrefour with leftover homemade roast pork, onion and tomato for filling. I'm sure the overall taste won't be anywhere near the World Champion, but what resulted was surprisingly enjoyable. Maybe I'm on the "kiamsiap" side, being semi-retired, but hey, for a couple of bucks cost vs RM 28 per bang, I don't think I'll be pursuing the World Champion. And I bet Dali ( from my sense after reading the Pasta post) can make a mean sandwhich with value proposition much better than World Champion's or mine.
Brad M
Foxerlow said…
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