Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cooking With Dali - Drunken Chicken Ginger Broth

OK it seems I have nothing much to say about the markets over the last couple of weeks. Share with you all another minor passion of mine, cooking - freestyle. I hate recipes. If I like something, I will try and decipher and breakdown the dish and put them together my way. For more traditional ones, I will get my mum to give the basic ingredients and away I go to come up with something I really like.

Today I felt a stirring and yearning for Drunken Chicken Ginger Broth. Its easy yet so satisfying, and heaty. Try it, you will love this version:

Unless you brew your own rice wine, any Hua Tiew wines will do, all supermarts have them, about RM10-14 per bottle, try to get two different brands for "depth". Use only drumsticks and thighs, chop into pieces.

Here is where it gets tricky, USE only Buntong Ginger (Muntong Keong), it costs a huge premium to normal ginger and is only available at morning markets. The ginger is so refreshing, you can even bite into it like a fruit to enjoy and yet gives the most soothing ginger taste, not overpowering.

Marinade the chicken with soy sauce, lots of white pepper and a table spoon of good sesame oil. Put aside for at least 30 minutes or longer.

Dice the ginger 3 ways, julienne, thicker julienne and rough pieces... texture baby, texture. Heat your wok with 6-8 tablespoons of sesame oil (its OK to be generous), throw in the ginger on medium heat for 5 minutes. Then throw in the chicken, making sure to brown all sides for another 6 -7 minutes.

This is important as you want the chicken to be coated, pre-cooked, so that it does not need that much boiling time with the wine.

I always have ready some useless whiskey or brandy as top ups, just in case. Put in the Hua Tiew, slow fire with the chicken and ginger the whole shebang, cover with lid. It needs to simmer for 10 minutes, really simmer, not any hotter as the chicken would be rough and not smooth in texture - always with lid on as you do not want too much alcohol to escape.

Taste, add salt and sugar to get the right mix. In this case it needed two teaspoon of salt and 4 tablespoon of sugar to balance out the alcohol. The versions you have outside are so diluted and pathetic, thats why these things usually cost RM10-14 per serving and still tastes diluted.

 Boil some Wan Yee (again available at all supermarts) in water for 10 minutes, drain then slice, throw the bugger in for the last 5 minutes of simmering.

This broth can serve 6 but the bill comes to nearly RM50 but its got the real kick in the guts feeling.

 End result, all in less than one hour, rice with kick ass drunken wine ginger .... sweat like mad but heavenly so. Till my next recipe..... cheers.


bruno said...

Every homecooking food is good,especially after taking half position profits of Euro shorts at 1.3155 for 80 pips profit,with the rest stops move to break even at 1.3235 for the two hundred pips or breakeven.

bruno said...

Dali,sorry typo error. Maybe to exited for the free meal at Peter Luger'.Took profits at 1.3055,and stops move to 1.3135 for the two hundred pips or brealeven.Soybeans took it in the chin,so plantation stocks such as FGV will get socked too.Best regards.

bruno said...

Dali,have tried cooking chicken with sesame oil,ginger,baby bok choy with some brandy with white rice.Maybe should try out broth for a change.For steamboat lovers add a little brandy to the soup with some herbs,simmer for half hour or so before putting in the hot pot,smells and taste good.

Edwin Toh said...

Wow i love that dishes..

Ciki said...

Someone pregnant? :-)

viv said...

for an easy peasy dessert, just add baileys with mint to some choc ice cream. heavenly!

Ms Wong Fook Fei said...

I tried the recipe and it is the best drunken chicken ever. I appreciate the cooking tips. Thanks. Do share more recipes.

Ms Wong Fook Fei said...

I tried the recipe and the drunken chicken was the best ever. I appreciate the cooking tips that are not normally found in the usual recipe. Thanks and do post more.

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