Sunday, September 30, 2012

burps&giggles ... the loveliest cafe in the country

Was back in Ipoh for a memorable weekend for my alma mater's Centennial Reunion Dinner, what a blast. Julie Song from Indulgence "instructed" me to visit her new place called "burps&giggles" (its exactly behind the famous Kong Heng, house of mirrors, in old town).

I will just let the pictures tell you the story, its easily the loveliest, most rustic, romantic cafe  I have ever come across. So, for your next trip, besides Ipoh taugeh chicken, Hakka mee, beef noodle, dry chicken curry nasi kandar @ Yong Suan, Funny Mountain taufoofar ... you should add burps&giggles to your Must Go To list.

the entrance

nostalgic knick knacks all over the place 

my lunch, bam-bam burger with chunky fries (with melted cheese and truffle oil) 

go through the backdoor and you have a quirky yet sublime place called the "lazy lane", great atmosphere to unwind and enjoy an environment just like the 40s and 50s "concubine lane"

every corner, every angle is a photographer's dream .....

Food include a long list of premium burgers, pastries and sweets plus great coffee.

clever usage of lights and lamps to enhance the very cosy feeling

the foyer with high ceiling as they have removed part of the first floor

(behind Kong Heng)
93 & 95 jalan sultan yussuf


richard said...

Worthy of a road trip to Ipoh just to check it out?

alwayswin111 said...

You should come to Penang and visit China House inBeach Street. You will love it.

bruno said...

After having a good hefty meal,it is time to work out the excess fats by going shopping.Time to closed all positions and take the profits and go visit JosABanks.They have good quality wears,being on sale last few years.But so far this year's sales are the best.

Mondays are the best time for shopping,as the crowd are busy chasing the markets.No crowd to bother us while we take our time to pick our choices.And service is usually better as the sales staff are to busy swapping mosquitoes.

alwayswin111 said...

When you come to Penang, you should drop byChina House.. Nice place

bruno said...

In Penang,directly across the ferry timinal,just besides the hawker's centre there used to be a row of single storey shops.One was selling beef soup noodles.The shop next door was selling char koay teow.The beef soup noodles and char koay teow were the best I have tasted.Anyone knows where they have moved to.

bruno said...

The markets are soaring,dow up 150 pts.Luckily we were smart enough to take profits at overnight lows.Going shopping soon and let the crowds chase the market.Maybe come back tomorrow or Wednesday and try to take some money off these suckers.

jeremy tan said...

Please come visit

1) China house in Penang.

2) Moontree 47 Cafe

3) Coffee Atelier @ 55 Cafe & Restaurant, where Kopi Cine & Bon Ton used to be

4) Amelie's Cafe

5) Nostalgie Cafe

6) Ete'Cafe

7) Kwong Sang house

8) Behind 50 cafe

9) La Boheme

10) Irrawaddy Fine Foods

You can google them to find out more.

Check yourself in one of those Boutique hotels in town:

I personally recommend Mews Boutique Hotel or Yeng Keng Boutique Hotel.

Penaga Boutique Hotel is nice as well or The Blue Mansion Boutique Hotel.

After all, Georgetown is now a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Penang is just so beautiful and rich in culture.

Raisuddin tch said...

Good post.When you come to Penang, you should drop by China House.

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