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Chart Of The Day

We all know what Microsoft stands for, milking the one main product which wasn't really theirs to start off with forever ... well, the end is near. Apple which nearly collapsed many times till Steve Jobs returned to the fold, is now officially the most valuable company in the world, surpassing Microsoft two years ago and has never looked back.

As of yesterday, another behemoth has gone past Microsoft, Google.


Big Sea said…
For Microsoft as well as hardware manufacturer in Microsoft camp, this might spells the beginning of the end !
bruno said…
Have been selling into risk assets this morning.For those smart and brave traders,who do their own homework and do not listen to the experts on financial telivision or newspapers,it is time again to take some spending money,buck the trend and go against the crowd.Go short risk assets that is the stock indexes,Euro and Aussie,at least for the next two to three days.
CQ said…

Can you share your view on the Adventa RM 1.70 pay out and what does it mean to the minoirty shareholders?
bruno said…
Aussie has drop to 1.0220 at 100 days MA support.Time to exit all positions and wait for a bounce.Enough change for a nice dinner.

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