Friday, October 19, 2012

Possibly The Best Indian Mamak Rojak

Trying not to say this or that is the best anymore ... taste is so subjective. However, many of you would swear that this ROJAK place is the tops. No need to argue, the queue says it all. Be early (3pm) and the queue will always be at least 5-6 people deep, be late and you will enjoy an even longer line.

Rojak is rojak, it all comes down to the "fried stuff", how crunchy and flavoursome, and their keropok is something else ... its thin and when you dip into the sauce, its magic. The other main ingredient for a good rojak is the sauce, not too sweet with the right chilli kick.


lai said...

i find the one in Old Kland Road and Kepong the best in Kalang Valley

zulkifli said...

very true...the best rojak, worth the queue

idrisfaizal said...

Been looking for a good rojak since i return home and lives in KL.Miss my favourite in Manjung.If you do go there,look for Sitiawan Mara Arcade.A restaurant called Rojak Manjung.