Empurau ... Baby!!!

Had a special treat last night a few friends from Sarawak came over and brought a 5kg Empurau fish as well. we had it cooked at Unique Seafood SS23 and it was wonderful. Even with 13 people, we couldn't really finish the fish (as there were other dishes as well).

In case you were wondering, thats just one fish sliced into two. My friend got it from friends of an estate who caught it from a river. He probably got it for a couple of thousand ringgit. If Unique Seafood had an Empurau this size, they'd probably retail it at RM8,000 or more.

The scales were fried as probably they were too thick to be eaten off the fish being a 5kg fish. The last Empurau I had we ate the scales off the fish and they were wonderful.

While eating a 5kg fish was unique, I think the best size for an Empurau is probably 1.5kg-2kg. Still a fabulous treat.


bruno said…
Dali,I know golden arrowanna cost thousands.I have the privilege of eating fresh arrowanna when I was working in Indonesia in the eighties.They have tiny huts deep inside the kampongs with fresh water fish and prawns kept in cages in the river behind the homes.But these big and wild arrowanna has no fish enthuesists value.

First time I have heard of this type of expensive fish.I might have to save a year eating in to have a bite of this fish.Enjoy it.
bruno said…
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clearwater said…
The empurau or kelah is the Malaysian mahseer, a carp species that lives in clear fast flowing streams in jungle habitat. Unfortunately, large specimens have been reduced to near oblivion in much of its natural habitat due to habitat loss(read logging)and commercialized hunting for its prized meat. It is now rare to find a 5 kilo specimen.

It is a great sport fish, most challenging to sport anglers and I have had more failures than success in landing one after the hookup. Catch & release is the only sustainable form of fishing.

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