Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Living The Life We Want (Revisited)

A special person shared with me last week about attending a talk by a 'wise person', and that it is important to "learn how to let go". To let go of our bad memories, failures, unproductive ways, etc... To which I replied that "we always hold onto people who don't love us or people who hate us or people who make us mad or people who take us for granted ... we also care too little for the people who love us unconditionally, the people who adore us, the ones who still stick around in spite of all your shortcomings". Such wasted priorities. Live the life we want, don't resign to fate, don't waste it waiting for those who never intend to turn up, don't waste it on bad memories of those who wronged us, don't dwell on regrets and failures ...

I think this might be an advertising thing, but magnificently crafted and very meaningful, and probably based on some 6 old foggies' true life story. Love the Chage Aska song in the background, On Your Mark.


curious said...


ronnie said...

You never fail to amaze me. Kudos.

cina bukit said...

hi thanks for sharing this. brought tears to my eyes.

cina bukit said...

hi thanks for sharing this. brought tears to my eyes.

cina bukit said...

how do i contact you Mr Salvatore? i would like to be your friend.

cina bukit said...

remind me of this song.


當大余吻上寶笙的唇邊 我總算了了一樁心願
只是不知道小童的那個秘密 是否就是藺燕梅
在未央歌的催眠聲中 多少人為它魂縈夢牽
在寂寞苦悶的十七歲 經營一點小小的甜美

我的朋友我的同學 在不同時候流下同樣的眼淚
心中想著朋友和書中人物間 究竟是誰比較像誰
那朵校園中的玫瑰 是否可能種在我眼前
在平凡無奇的人世間 給我一點溫柔和喜悅

你知道你在 你知道你在 

經過這幾年的歲月 我幾乎忘了曾有這樣的甜美
突然聽說小童在台灣的消息 我想起從前的一切
為何現在同樣的詩篇 已無法觸動我的心弦
也許那位永恆的女子 永遠不會出現在我面前

我的弟弟我的妹妹 你們又再度流下同樣的眼淚
喔 多麼美好的感覺 告訴我你心愛的人是誰
多麼盼望你們有一天 真的見到你的藺燕梅 
伍寶笙和童孝賢 為我唱完這未央的心願

你知道你在 你知道你在 

bruno said...

If you didn't add on the video,your readers might assumed that you were talking about Najib and Umno/BN.

Andrew said...

Touching. I think in 20 to 30 years' time, all fellow Malaysia-Financiers should get together, take out their motorbikes/bicycles/trishaws and go on a whirlwind tour and be free like them!!! Woooo Hoooo!!!!!

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