Too Funny, Had To Repost

I think I posted this four years back. Its the funniest game show where the "students" are not supposed to laugh or else will get whacked. All you need is a basic understanding of foul language in Hokkien.
Funniest Taiwan Game Show

Though I am English-ed, I do enjoy some of the Taiwanese TV shows, esp the funny game shows. Probably can make sense of 50%-70% of the Mandarin spoken. But when they revert to Hokkien, they lose me totally, except when its vulgar language. The most talented presenter, Jacky Wu, in the Ultimate Game has as part of his show a classroom where everyone cannot laugh or else they will be caned. This time around, they had two old foggies who have a load of problems speaking in Mandarin, and end up with vulgar language intonations unintentionally. Its brilliant and very funny.


adi said…
Laughed till my tummy ached!! Thanks for the video!

Try this link, you will most certainly burst out laughing:

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