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Love This Song To Bits

What is the role of a great producer? Any one can sing a classic song of yesteryear, but once in a blue moon you get one that marry the right crossover elements in tempo, instrumentation, sensational harmonies and even new language insertions to bring forth a new way to appreciate a wonderful old song. Talk about taking mixing to the next level. Dick Lee is a masterful musician and producer (and composer). Here, with his undeniably brilliant contribution with Sandy Lam, its an exceptional song. I remember having this CD somewhere in my past life but could not locate it anymore in my collection. Luckily there is You Tube, enjoy the immaculate version of Lover's Tears!


panaceaasia said…
You are without doubt the Renaissance Man of Asia. Kudos.
tan said…
hi Dali,

i am a follower of your blogs for years time. if you do not mind, can you please write something regarding BJCORP and also their cosway hk iculs which were promised to be given as a bonus issue, but till now, it seems like no news at all. i know many people very dissapointed of how vincent tan run its business and failed to support its share price. Thanks.

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