Thursday, January 19, 2012

Adopt A Dog, People

Dog owners and dog lovers will shed tears for sure because they know its true and the scene will be the same if the same thing befall us.


Unknown said...

Sometimes dog are more human than human themselves.

Hal said...

Hi, Dali,

Indeed a touching scene ... reminds me of the movie Hachiko.

Your picture above of polar bears in their enclosure also brings to mind another story of the strong emotional bond between humans and animals. That is, Knut the cute polar bear of Berlin zoo.

It was rejected at birth by its mother. A zoo keeper was tasked with bringing it up by hand. An emotional bond developed between the pair. Later as the cub grew too big and strong the zoo-keeper was ordered to break off further contact with the bear cub as it was considered to pose a physical danger as it has grown too strong and powerful. Soon after, the zoo-keeper died - some people thought he could have died of a broken heart. Sadly, Knut died a year or two later.

Anyway, these stories are a downer in light of the festive days ahead.

Anyway, here's wishing you and all your readers a rip-roaring and wildly successful Year of the Dragon!!

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