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Market Shifting Gears Finally

Just when you least expect it to, the market suddenly turned on its head and registered a most vibrant trading day yesterday. Just a one-off? Judging from the trading trend, movements in certain stocks, it looks to have some legs for a run.

Supposedly consolidating stocks such as Mah Sing, RA suddenly sprouted wings. Coincidentally, Hap Seng Consolidated has finally set their warrants price, now that the exercise is over, we may see more activity. Same goes for Coastal Contracts as the contra selling for those buying ex-basis is over and the warrants should start trading over the next couple of days.

There was also sufficient activity in "trading stocks" such as ENG and Dialog. Plus fresh meat in Wijaya and Hiap Teck. Activity also seen in AFG and Affin as the banking M&A theme seems to be simmering as well.

All in, looks good for a couple of weeks.

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Subba Rao said…
Hi Dali nice picture, is that a photo shopped preying mantis?
Salvatore_Dali said…
no. most of them r nat geo photos.
pilocarpine said…
dat purple mantis is awesome... reali awesome..
hkloon said…
Hi Dali,

How about MBSB? Does it come into banking/financial M&A as well?


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