The Jazzy Sounds Of Teresa Teng (ONLY 40 TICKETS LEFT!!!)


The organisers had their press conference yesterday and was well attended by all 6 Chinese papers. Wickedly, they have included this video as part of their promo. Its an excerpt from my all time fav Chinese movie Comrades, Almost A Love Story (next to An Autumn's Tale). The movie was brilliantly tied together by Teres's songs. Both Leon Lai and Maggie Cheung had a torrid on-off affair back in HK, growing up as new immigrants from China. After many years of unfortunate events, bigger than themselves, both made their way to New York. They were both saddened to hear of Teresa's passing... and the rest you watch yourself...

I guess what the organiser want to share is that Teresa's songs bind everyone everywhere, wherever there are Chinese people, you will hear Teresa's songs. As much as we may pooh-pooh them when we were younger, somehow we grow to like them as we grow older. Here's to a magical evening of tribute.

Among the highlights....

1) After a classic video footage, Roger Wang will come up on stage to play an acoustic solo of a Teresa Teng classic, with the bay window - full drapes opened - in Bentley Music Auditorium in full view of the audience. How do you like looking at the moon and the stars? it is gonna be quite a sight!

2) Winnie Ho going to play a standard medley of Teresa Teng songs, followed by jazzed up versions of the same songs

3) A special guest, a surprise guest, a Jazz Diva, from Taiwan is gonna be our guest... wow, wow, wow

4) Snippets from a famous movie on Teresa Teng will be shown to coincide with two songs .... classic scenes in the movie which promises to trigger off your memory bank

5) The finale - Winnie Ho will go off stage and interact with the audience for a mass karaoke session!

Led by Pianist and musical director Tay Cher Siang, aided by famed Sabahan guitarist Roger Wang, with vocals from the petite-yet-impressive Winnie Ho from 2V1G and her friends, this musical showcase promises a familiar yet refreshing Teresa Teng, one that you seldom get to hear.

Tickets on sale NOW!

  1. 难忘的初恋情人 (nan wang de chu lian qing ren: unforgettable first love)
  2. 忘记他 (wang ji ta: forgetting him)
  3. 我怎能离开你 (wo zhen neng li kai ni: how can I leave you)
  4. 泪的小雨 (lei de xiao yu: raining tears)
  5. 月儿像柠檬 yue er xiang ning meng: the moon shines like lemon
  6. 千言万语 (qian yan wan yu: a thousand words))
  7. 月亮代表我的心 (yue liang dai piao wo de xin: the moon represents my heart
  8. 丝丝小雨 (shi shi xiao yu: rain)
  9. 奈何 (nai he: ambivalence)
  10. Goodbye my love  
  11. 在水一方 (zai sui yi fang)
  12. 甜蜜蜜 (tian mi mi: sweet honey)
  13. 云河 (yun he: river of clouds)
  14. 温情满人间 (wen qing man ren jian: this world is full of love)
  15. 风从哪里来 (feng cong nai li lai: where does the wind come from)
  16. 但愿人长久 (dan yuan ren chang jiu: let’s pray for eternity)
  17. 君心我心 (jun xin wo xin: your heart, my heart)
  18. 一个小心愿 (yi ge xiao xin yuan: a little wish)
  19. 我只在乎你wo zhi zai hu ni: I only care for you)
  20. 世界多美丽 (shi jie dou mei li: the world is beautiful)

Ticketing Info:

Concert Date: 6th August 2011 (Saturday)

Venue: Bentley Music Auditorium, Mutiara Damansara

Price: RM105 & RM85 (See Seating Plan. Only RM105 (blue colored zone) has seating numbers. Seat allocation for RM85 (yellow colored zone) will be done at auditorium entrance based on arrival. )

Ticketing Outlets:

CDRAMA (Popular Bookstore) Ikano Power Centre

CDRAMA, Sunway Pyramid

CDRAMA, Cheras Leisure Mall

Loud+Clear, Solaris Dutamas


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