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Power Of Words

We use words all the time to convey opinions, point of views ... we can all be looking at the same thing but words chosen carefully will generate enthusiasm or shed new light. The brilliant video by Purple Feather UK reminds us that we can use our words wisely or wrongly.

I believe words are to be used to shine clarity at issues and things. My own mantra: TRUTH MUST BE PERSUASIVE.


kine said…
Is it mean in order to hide your lie convincingly , u must tell the truth
as persuasively ?
Salvatore_Dali said…

if someone is lying, they will try to be persuasive as well I guess ... what I meant is that truth must be coinvincing the heart ... lies that try to do that will end up as hollow and empty
soonyeah said…
passion is the key ingredient for all...
5 mins said…
I think we are living in times when the truth gets packaged and laced with too much honey...why not try being brutally can be such a charming characteristic.

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