Thursday, April 08, 2010

Morgan Stanley On Yuan's Appreciation Pressure


The Contrarian said...


could u comment on
1) China as an advocate of a new common trade denomination using IMF's SDR. and its implications to trade in China and commodities when the oriental powerhaus shakes the greenback.

2)stellar foreign entity that should be listed on local bourse as we have many MultiNational Corps n Conglomerates that arent interested in a listing status and why?

thank you

kl said...

Too much political fog obscuring Yuan revaluation. Can't see through to the pure economics.

Why would any 'stellar foreign entity' with local operations seek listing on KLSE with its low regional visibility, relatively poor liquidity, shareholder quotas, disclosure requirements, political uncertainties and the like?

The Contrarian said...

Well, if the arguement tabled is based on the listing requirements and all I think the SC are doing quite a commendable job but in the role bursa plays as a moderator is yet global but I do see signs of stepping up a notch ! If conditions were as poorly carved as claimed why would foreign financial entities even bother to covering Malaysia in oversea investor briefings .. I might say that regardless of how victimize we were due to past administrator it nvr harms to be optimistic on development and how resilent we human are... Call me ignorant an naive Malaysia holds vast potential and presents appealing valuations that businesses wouldn't forego

kl said...

The argument is predicated on the wants and needs of a 'stellar foreign entity'....Can't be to enhance local visibility, raise cheap funds or a desire to allow Malaysians get a piece of a great business at an affordable price. At least not in my experience of MNCs.

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