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Check Out This Site For Great Music

I have a good relationship with Leslie Loh. His website sells all albums produced by his label as well as albums that they like. It is very basic. It doesn't not have shopping cart of e-commerce engine.

Buyers just basically shoot them an email. Payment can be made via maybank2u and other internet banking, as well as paypal.

Every album has a music player where 6 edited songs are posted for sampling. They also link to the artiste's own website or blog.

Pop pop music is an international audiophile music label based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has distributors in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Audiophile music is a genre of music recorded in high-fidelity and high-definition format, aimed at the audiophiles or Hi-Fi enthusiasts. Besides producing albums of high recording quality, pop pop music aims to revolutionize audiophile music by expanding its supporters and market beyond the audiophile community.

To do this, pop pop music has a 2-pronged strategy. First, it aims to crossover audiophile music to the pop music lovers, making them realize how great it is if good pop music is recorded in a high-end audiophile approach. Second, vice versa, it aims to bring contemporary pop elements to audiophile music - a genre long regarded as boring and musically bankrupt - thus giving audiophile music more soul and commercial appeal.

The pop pop's "house " sound, in audiophile jargon, is sumptuously analogue, natural, real and highly transparent. This sound has stratospheric highs, burnish and palpable midrange and tactile lows. It has a gorgeous tone, full of details and sensitive nuances - this is the signature sound of all albums produced by the pop pop music label.

Malaysian artistes currently collaborating with our label include: Roger Wang, Gina Panizales, Tay Cher Siang, Lydia Chew (Chooi Ling), Winnie Ho and Jeffrey Lim (Ah Fei).

leslie loh +6012-2083790

a & r director
pop pop music
"i feed on music, what do you feed on?"
Roger Wang

Jeffrey Lim ( Ah Fei)

Gina Panizales

Lydia Chew

Tay Cher Siang Winnie Ho


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