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Investors Say The Darndest Things

Many times, investors ask the stupidest question. Not to whack them but sometimes we have to sit back and think the context of our questions or comments. Some will sound absolutely silly, and it drives at our assumptions and fallacies in thought and logic. Investment is not a "you like, you play lor", it can ruin your finances. Its better for me to point them out than to have investors dumping tons of it without proper consideration.


The ones that make you roll your eyeballs:

So you think the stock you like can rise... aarrr?

Thanks for the tip, I made 10%, you think can hold on for another 5%?

Why my stocks go up so slowly but come down very fast one?

When a stock stays forever at 1.00 nobody wants it, when it moves to 1.30 they start to ask questions, when it runs to 1.80 they don't ask anymore, they just jump in. Herein lies most of investors' problems: why we cannot spot them earlier; there is a lot of danger in momentum investing without knowledge; there is no regard for what is fair value; we tend to let the market tell us what to speculate in; we have little regard for risk-return assessment; we probably don't know what the fuck the company does...


The really good ones:

The 4 most dangerous words in investing is 'This time its different' - Sir John Templeton

If you are stupid enough to believe in anything then I will be smart enough to be sell you whatever it is you desire.

Hope is someone who has a dream but no way of putting it together.

I wish everyone could get rich and famous and everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that’s not the answer. - Jim Carrey

If you can count your money, you don’t have a billion dollars. - J. Paul Getty

I leave you with this quote:

"I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something"



kl said…
Investors also do the darndest things. They lose money on stock tips following some fake who charges US$38 for the privilege and then say they don't blame him! He did'nt force them to buy. But he gave badly written, thinly disguised advice & ill considered investment tips and they don't blame him for the loss? What a magnanimous lot! You know who I am referring to.
clk said…
I've arrived at a conclusion that many of the "experts" out there who are often quoted in the media are no better than any layman. Just playback their quote of 6 mths ago and see for yourself.

"I've got something you'll never have; ENOUGH!" as quoted from John C. Bogle's book of the same title.
Gamelion said…
Regarding about the tips given by
financial experts do not meant they
r always a reliable source for every layman since nobody is pointing the gun in forcing u to buy at their recommendation! Investors must beware!
BenQio said…
Yes exactly.I even heard people say "Trust me, price has drop so much dy, tomorrow sure can go up one!". It is like you are playing BlackJack, and people say your next draw going to be the card to want because the previous guy does not have it.

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