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Dude, Where's My Planet??!!

Where in the world are we, what is our significance on earth, when you consider how small we are on earth, and then look at how small the earth is next the planets we know, then consider the earth next to the sun, and have a look at Antares and Betelgeuse .... we are next to nothing but at the same time we may be tiny and humbled but we should also realise that we all just need to make the world a better place when we leave than when we arrive ... we may be insignificant and even irrelevant in the planetary system ... but we should lead a life of significance and relevance for ourselves and those around us


Khairi said…
A wise man said that,

"A wise man leaves a thing better than before he touch it."

Looking at world 'climate' today. there is no wise man.
juicy said…
life is so short n limited .... relax n enjoy it while you are still around
solomon said…
Dali San,

Even Antares is biggest, nobody knew this unless you tell me...everyone still think Sun is the biggest ya?

Are you trying to imply KL is bigger than Ipoh but Bangkok is bigger than KL etc...the bottom line is fund manager do not abt KL, then our offer to maximise the capability of our capital market is half way through?

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