Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Two Ways To Ward Off Mozzies

This is another public service announcement. How to effectively ward off mozzies. This is especially relevant in light of the many of us who have been bitten by the dengue mozzies.

The first product highly recommended is a Korean disinfectant called FLOOR MASTER, it has a little label "y-slimz" on it. To my knowledge it is only available at Jaya Jusco. I think I am going to cause some hoarding and clear their shelves here. Floor Master has about 4 different solutions, pink, blue, lemon and green. They specialise in using non-toxic herbal remedies. The pink one is good at warding off ants and lipas. For mozzies, get the green bottle. It has tea tree oil. Its great against mozzies, cockroaches and ants as well. It has anti-bacterial quality. How it wards off mozzies, well, its all in the smell of citronella.

Just a small cap full for half a pail of water, mop and don't rinse, let it dry on its own. Works for up to 3 days, then mop again. Another way is to put the same into a sprayer and spray your bathroom wall tiles. Smells great as well.

I think by the time you go to Jusco, the green thing should be sold out. Try the other solutions as well, they are almost as good, but the green is supposed to be the most effective.
The second secret is to use Listerine, use the original amber coloured one. Do not mix any water, hence its pretty expensive if you calculate that way. Its non toxic. Simply pour the Listerine into a spray bottle and spray. Not so cost effective for mopping the floor but useful when you are out barbecuing or on the beach. Wards off flies and mozzies. It's safe to spray around food and kid's play areas! Mosquitoes will stay away for 2 or more days after you spray. You can even spray inside your dog's kennels to keep mosquitoes away from your pets. Try not to spray on wood, you could spray the towel or blanket you're going to sit on outside at a beach or garden. Another tip, now you can even dab some on a hankie when you go to a nice al fresco dining restaurant. Just wet the hankie, put it in a plastic bag, and when you are eating, place it on your lap or near you - no more pesky insect repellent spray on your skin.

Oops, all these might make me look domesticated... I'm not, really, ...

p/s photos: Aoi Miyazaki


ivy said...

Thks for sharing....

yah .... ALL these really make you look domesticated BUT i DOUBT ... really ... ha ha!

Tony said...

I have tried citronella products before, they didn't work that well. Now using electric swatters and traps.

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