Sunday, June 22, 2008

2v1g, Got Yours Yet?

After visiting a few cd shops for the last couple of days, I finally got the cd today at 1st Floor Bangsar Village 1. Its value for money at 39.90 considering its an audiophile pressed cd.

Since I only had listened to the previewed 6 songs, I was delighted to find the other songs were equally impressive. The great thing is playing the cd on a proper stereo, it really enhances the experience, especially Roger Wang's guitar. The two vocalists must be applauded for their sense of timing and tempo as they only have a guitar as backing.

The toughest song for Roger and the singers must be the last track, "we want us to be together", hard to play, harder to sing, harder still to sound good. Great effort.

My new favourite track, "sher fou / perhaps", refreshing take minus the wailing /screeching by the original singer.


siaoyue said...

Great CD - got mine thru postal delivery on Monday. I totally loved track 2.

Zaini said...

got mine ad oso.thru mail.

dig track 1.

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