Monday, June 09, 2008

Best Mandarin Album Ever? ... 2V1G

When I got this from a friend, I thought it was some software thing that she wanted to promote to me. Well guess what 2V1G... I hope it means 2 Voices and I Guitar... cause I immediately thought that it could be 2 Virgins and 1 Gigolo!!?? 2V1G is the brainchild of producer Leslie Loh and Chow Kam Leong. It is an acoustic trio that plays classic Mandarin love songs in a simple 2-voices 1-guitar format. Roger Wang (the Guitarist), Winnie Ho (the Vocalist) and Regine Tai (the Vocalist) combined to create a sound that is both refreshing and easy-listening.

Recorded using the legendary AKR C12VR microphone and mastered by Keith Yip from Hong Kong, the mastering engineer for HK Audiophile Diva, Susan Wong. Stop reading, click on the link below to enjoy the brilliant music, delivery... its acoustic heaven.

The CD is pressed in Hong Kong by Sony DADC, one of the top CD duplication factories in HK.
It is an imported CD, priced at the normal standard CD price of RM39.90. 2V1G CDs will also be distributed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and possibly Thailand.

I am not a very big listener of Mandarin songs though I am familiar with the more popular songs. The trio have basically maximised the enjoyment of these very popular songs by stripping down the music accompaniment to the barest bones. It allowed for the two outstanding vocals to caress the notes and bring out the nuances and intricate melodies. Well, its certainly the best Mandarin album I have heard in a very very very long time. I listened to the first song Coming Home sung by Winnie Ho, and got major goosebumps - its exactly the same impact when I first heard Eva Cassidy sang Over The Rainbow. Now go tell your friends.

Oh, btw, they are Malaysians ... and they deserve the great success I am sure they will have as they had to sell themselves constantly to win over the commercialised "managed artistes" syndrome ... they have just gotten distributors in Taiwan and HK. Cheers!!! Great talents unwasted through sheer perseverance. Those that cannot find the album, go buy online first.


Winnie 何芸妮 said...

Hi there, this is Winnie here. Thanks for recommending our album to your readers. Much appreciated ^^ ..

random said...


A celebrity fan of yours Dali!


Salvatore_Dali said...


Very pleased to have to visit my blog. I am pretty sure the album will sell like wildfire from just word of mouth. You deserve the success and recognition that are coming your way. Good luck.

sames2020 said...

It is a great Album. I am rushing out to the store to buy a few more just to give it to my friends. As they wouldn't believe it if told them the album is can be that good. Are you going to hold a concert soon base on this album?

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