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Why So Many Female Photos????

Thanks to Rocky Bru's posting, there have been a number of fresh visitors to the site. To anticipate the first thing that pops into your minds, here's why:

I will probably have to repost this every other month, but its worth it. Strictly speaking, if I wanted to be a difficult a-hole, I will just say that its my blog - hence there is no need to explain or justify the pictures. But I will try to be nice so I will venture an answer:

I used to have to search for "intelligent photos" which somehow may relate to the topic of my posting, you can see from the first 2 years of postings. It was exhausting and not very fun at all. Posting has to have photos as its nicer to look at and more captivating.

Then I said to myself, its my blog, there is no need to look professional. Its all in the comments. If readers want to read it, they will read it. Why not put up photos I like to see. I am a very single hetrosexual guy. Hence I like pretty girls - or rather to look at them.

I don't just put up any girls, they have to be my type and have some jenaisequa' (pardon my Japanese) ... some readers prefer me not to post the photos, some really wanted me to. As for myself, I really wanted to as well.

What I post is to share, there is no fee or subscription, or membership... in exchange I would ask my readers to "pardon my habits and indulge me a bit".


p/s photo: Akemi Katsuki


TsuChong said…
Hi again,

No prob with them man haha just curious. Thanks for the reply.

Might also wanna explain this on the sidebar or something, so that people won't ask again.

Looking forward to reading more of your articles.

Thanks happy weekend.
ccdev said…

initially i was like what the hell is this? Think i was accustomed to the financial blogs/magazines/articles being pretty stuffy most times. Now I feel it's like a breathe of fresh air. Damn nice to have some new babe everyday to ogle at, altho my taste differs with that of yours (sometimes). Just don't start putting up photos of handsome guys, ok?
random said…
There.. finally a fellow fan..

What's wrong with posting pics of art anyway? (hot babes = fine art)
Bryan said…
Maybe next time, we shouldn't just comment on your writing about financials. Must also comment on the babes!

Tony said…
You picks of chicks very similar to my taste. Only thing sometimes wife peek over shoulder and ask why so ham sap ogling girlie pics.
kaseboy87 said… easy solution,you should just post the photo at the end of the article instead of the beginning so anyone who doesnt want to view the pictures wont have to.How's dat? =>
Salvatore_Dali said…

its no use, everybody always look at the pictures first before they even read the first word ... if put at bottom, they will still look at the photos first ... if pictures offend so much, all i can say is everyone has the right not to visit the site.... for sure i won't raise barricades or send some gangster to patrol the site...
I too have no problems whatsoever with the photos :D

KLCI poised to fly next week, methinks :D

If it does, can we have double the number of pics, just to P.O. people? :D
The Madviruz said…

Smart Money and pretty girls are synonymous with success. No qualms there. Why the anxiety and guilt with having pretty ladies? They are a feast for the eyes and a joy for the weary market trekkers. It reminds oneself of the quest for excellence, beauty, fame and riches.
k said…
ha ha! ya man, i reaalllyy want (+ need) you to keep postin' those beautiful chick-pics dude! especially when the market's in the dumps like now...
Ivan said…
Good blog to come daily basic :)
xatomic said…
i just think that usually hot babes and intellectual stuff like this does not go hand in hand in most websites..its either one or neither :P
Ben said…
Thanks Dali... maybe you should have this on your "about me" section. Then you won't have to explain it several times over :-)

Now i just have to be careful when viewing this blog in the office (OR AT HOME with the wife!) heh!
Victor AY said…
Hi Dali,

Your picture indeed give me a big motivation to visit your blog everyday. Your taste really suits me. With different selection of 'intelligent photos' on every post, I have no complaint. Keep up the good work ! Just make sure don't sacrifice the quality of photos when those good ones are hard to come by....
MP said…
bOSS, Where do you find all your leng lui arrr? So many everyday ... nice nice :)
yok hoong said…
you sure have taste. mama mia.
Choong said…

Its good to have pretty girls which make your blog different. You have excellent analysis of the market.

Its your blog and you can do anything you want with it. But one small semi naked pics pls.
kee leong said…

Just to let you know: I like those photos too. But I hope you can kill the music. not everybody like those you have chosen.

KAM said…
Hi Dali,

It's impossible to satisfy all of your readers / visitors.

Do what u think is right. Keep it up.

I enjoy those pics. TKS
Andrew Chua said…
There's nothing wrong with pictures of sexy females. This issue shouldn't even be an issue. This question shouldn't even be a question. Explain on the sidebar? Totally unnecessary.

Explanations are only required for actions which confuse people. But what's so confusing about posting pictures of sexy girls? They are posted because they are nice to look at and beautify the blog.

Sport-cars use beautiful models for promotional purposes, even though there is no natural link between a hot babe and a piece of trasportation machinery. Why doesn't anyone question Toyota or Honda?

Cute chicks are a blessing to society. There is nothing shameful about appreciating some of the most physically beautiful specimens of God's creations.

Sexy babes on the blog just means that this is a sexy blog.

And if sexy girls are incompatible with financial topics, what is compatible? Calculators? Spreadsheets? A picture of the Financial Times?

You like looking at calculators that much?
Richard Cranium said…
Problem is my eyes kept wondering off the words. Man, I barely could finish reading.
bOcy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rocky's Bru said…
The music stays, man!
ivy said…

wow many comments posted but seems readers here like to comment on this topic more than other that you write.
David said…
The girls aren't even naked, already so many people are quetching? I love it.
red1 said…
I have been 'reading' all your posts, stopping here just to say i will be 'reading' till the end.

I was never interested in dry financial news and shall never will. But i will keep 'reading' yours for sure.

Please keep posting.

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