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1210-1220 Shopping List

Faber < $0.96

Dialog < $1.35

Parkson < $5.10

Bursa < $7.80

TMI < $6.90

Maybulk < $3.70

Sapuracrest < $1.35

KNM < $6.10

Opus < $0.94

Hap Seng Consolidated < $2.80

RCE Cap < $0.55

Evergreen < $1.40

Wah Seong < $2.14

Ranhill < $1.08

Kinsteel < $1.55

You will note that some are actually worth collecting already (as they have moved lower than these target prices) based on those target prices.

p/s photos; Lee Ji Woo & Miho Yoshioka


Opine said…
What? No Airasia?! x)
Salvatore_Dali said…
i see, an attempt at being sacarstic... while I defended AA, I did say one should be buying for the longer term... yes, I like AA but there r plenty of stock that I like more than AA... is that good with u, is that ok with u, idoes that make my list acceptable to u, pls tell me, i need yr unconditional approval and love opine
random said…

Sarcasm.. meet Sarcasm


Nice list btw.. I'll be looking out for them
Opine said…
Just commenting ;)

Good luck with the picks.
valuelife said…
Hi Dali,

Im a new blogger here. I think RCE has potential to grow much bigger than now. Whats your opinion? It would be good if you can produce an article on RCE.

Nice picks, will look deep into it.


MaxWealth88 said…
how about genting and resort?
deborah said…
Dear dali,
on rcecap, I noticed that that the pbt margin is on the decline.. I am also concern that the easy credit and consumer financing nowadays offered by banks and retailers (not to mention rising cost that reduce disposable income and hence less spending on capital items) could hurt rcecap biz while the vietnam expansion based on their recent announcement seems to be not going smoothly?? wat's your view on rcecap moving forward? All's been said, well at 50 sen or so, the risk is limited I suppose.... I was surprise you hve ranhill onn the list... thought your view on the counter was not too positive... wld be great if you cuold write about ranhill when you find the time or the desire... haha.. thanks!!!
CaptainCaveman said…
What is your views on Time End and Timecom?

solomon said…
If macro environment improves, below RM1 shares have better return. Strong business model companies like Faber, Bursa, RCE, SAPCREST are good pick.

Whether the next rally will come is still a question? The mkt requires momentum building, stock leader and theme play.

The recent govt announcement twice a week salary payout are good for RCE and MBSB.
hng said…
Hi Dali, I'm risk averse investor. Do you have any investment idea on TA, Keladi, Atrium. Check from their financial result, these stock appear value buy with good dividend/income yield
Salvatore_Dali said…
deb: rce cap's biz model is highly suitable as it takes direct debt... tougher conditions works in rce cap favour... yes loan quality may be worse but they'd still get paid as long as the clients are employed by the civil service.. its a good margin low risk biz.. many banks would love to get into that biz, its many times better than credit cards

on ranhill, yes i hated the stock as they used it to ramp up on so called oil finds... now its clear why they wouldnt use RUB ... was promoting RUB, it has come into fruition... at 3.50, its a steal for Ranhill... a fairer px would be 4.20.. hence at 1.20 or below Ranhill is good value... take yr 30% gain when it rises n get out... not a stock i would want to hold for long

caveman: time and time dotcom... i have no time for poorly managed companies ... you'd be betting on a takeover of sorts, betting on a poor company being merged or bought out is a poor investing choice

hng: good div stocks i have highlighted... what u r citing are small caps with good div... read my article on dangers of small caps (with exception of TA).. as for TA, its a stagnating securities company, n doing some property, why??? dont like the biz model n its too complacent with its securities biz... never change or improve in 10 years
Salvatore_Dali said…

on genting n resorts... resorts is a dividend stock, I dont see where growth will come from

as for genting... i am a bit sceptical on "profits" from the IR in Sentosa judging fm the money sunk in... i do think it will be marginally profitable ... judging fm the cost of living and cost of tourism in singapore going forward, not many will be going there... even now most r holidaying in hk or australia as hotels in singapore r pretty ridiculous.. can u imagine a few yrs down the road? as for casinos, even the macau new casinos are finding the going very difficult after the honeymoon period... the visitor projections may seem to be stretched n gaming dollar will be stretched as well.
daytrader said…
yeah ..good stock pick..!! :) worth watching..chart looks good!!

David said…
May I ask how did you arrive at 7.80 value for Bursa? Care to thrill me with your acumen?
Salvatore_Dali said…

yes, u may ask... but i couldnt be bothered to answer

if i happened to write about a stock, i may then justify... 7.80 to me presents good mid term value

if that does not thrill u, well, too bad
Jo Ling said…
Hi Dali, since the ones listed here are below your target price already, did you managed to buy from this shopping list? Ok, that was an indirect question. The direct question is, care to update the shopping list based on the current index? Thanks a lot. :)

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