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Following the brilliant double by Manchester United, its hard to get excited with Euro 2008.

Let's whittle down the teams that cannot win Euro 2008 tournament:

Greece - Lightning never strikes twice

France - Too old and does not gel as a team

Holland - Been disappointing since 1970s, they will fail at the semi finals again

Spain - Always promises to be spectacular but fails to sizzle when money's on the line

Italy - Hard to support a country turning xenophobic

Poland - Too much vodka, not enough stars

Russia - Best coach, pity about the players

Austria & Switzerland - The hosts, and that's all she wrote

Sweden - Too neutral and bland, like their politics and food

Croatia - Not the same team as the last tournament

Czech Republic - Not the same team as the last tournament

Portugal - Best chance was to win 4 years ago at home

Germany - You can see how many of their stars do not play in Premier League or La Liga, enough said

Cyprus - Maybe in a chariot race, or best flag competition

Turkey - Is that country part of Europe?

So by the most logical choice via elimination, I will be supporting Romania, 11 to 1 sounds good ... lol... no really!!!


Our Bet is Portugal, and we are rising our Bets now.

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