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World Cup Final Talk

First the Brazilian fans died down, then they switched camps to Argentina, same fans wasted their money buying Argentina jerseys, wear one time have to throw away already. Never mind, the same fans now all turn into snowballing group of losing fans and supported Germany instead, saying this time they will take them all the way to win the Cup and ensure their bragging rights to their friends and office colleagues .... (vomit!!!).

Remember the brilliant theories on the World Cup, all 3 major theories have been proven wrong and pundits can all go to sleep. History and trend can be negated, history has to be created.

Spain naturally should win the final because they are so happy to be in the final, they have never been there and winning or losing, they will still be heroes back home. I can't tell you how important that is, the burden you carry on the field.

The same cannot be said of the Dutch. Stepping on the field, they will have the burden of shouldering the agony of two major disappointments in the past. They will also know they fear most not the Spaniards but the possibility of being known as third time unlucky. The burden of expectations will weigh so heavily on them. The only way the Dutch can win is if they score two goals within the first 15 minutes. If not, the longer the game drags on, the pressure and negative thoughts will be their cruelest enemies.

I will also place bigger bets if it goes to penalties. The pressure will multiply a few x in the minds of each Dutch penalty taker. Anyway, its going to be a great final because I don't really mind who wins now even though I supported Spain all the way. Its just great to have the Cup be won by someone else other than Brazil, Germany or Argentina. Its too important for it to just reside with a few select countries.

Paul the octopus is incredibly accurate. The German mollusk went a perfect 6-for-6 in predicting his country's World Cup matches, up to and including its 1-0 semifinal loss to Spain on Wednesday. Paul makes his picks by choosing one of two clear containers dipped into his aquarium in Oberhausen.

Octopus Pictures

Each container holds a mussel and is decorated with the flag of the game's combatants. The container Paul reaches for represents his pick. Today, Paul is slated to pick Germany's third-place match with Uruguay, and may also choose Sunday's final between Spain and the Netherlands, if he's up for it.

In the meantime, as a show of appreciation, Spanish chef Jose Andres has removed octopus from his menu this weekend.

Paul the "psychic" octopus, who has become a global star after correctly forecasting all six of Germany's World Cup games, will predict the final - but only if irate German fans don't skewer him first.

But the eight-legged oracle might not survive that long as some German fans, outraged over their 1-0 defeat to Spain, have begun posting recipes on the internet, believing Paul's reward for his clairvoyant powers should be a meeting with the barbecue or the paella pot.

Spanish Industry Minister Miguel Sebastian has even called for Paul to be given an "immediate" free transfer to Spain to "ensure his protection."

I can see many German restaurants putting up octopus as a new dish on their menus ....


bonny b said…
Be careful...Paul may be working for illegal bookies...dont bet on it!!
emacro said…
I agree wholeheartedly on the need to have a new name on the trophy. Hence the best things to happen in the world cup were:
1 France out
2 Italy out
3 England out
4 Brazil out
5 Argentina out
6 Germany out
7 Uruguay out

Incidently these were the old boring names 'expected' to win the world cup.

In the Holland Brazil match, I groaned when the commentator said, "Holland believe they can go all the way, Brazil believe IT IS THEIR RIGHT to go all the way'. But I rejoiced when the Dutch won!

Spain v Netherlands, whoever wins the winner is football.

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