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A Wino's Diary

I am going to start to keep track of what I have been drinking. As one age, one tends to forget what one has drunk beforehand. I am no wine connoisseur, I only know I like it or not, don't ask me about the growth varietals, good years, etc... the subject matter is just way too wide.

Anyway, I had a mild drinking session with a couple of friends on Friday. Thought I should keep some notes.

Château Dutruch Grand Poujeaux 1996

This was the first, not knowing which of the 3 wines to taste first, we just went with the flow. It drank very well, not at all like an aged wine. The fruits were balanced. A bit salty but acceptable. (here come the snooty part) with notes of flowers and berries. Doubt the wine will get better with any more aging. Not bad 86/100.

Penfolds Bin 129 Coonawarra Shiraz 2002

One of only two Penfolds reds, Clare Estate being the other, to be matured solely in French oak - all other Penfolds reds make use of some American oak in the maturation process. Splendid wine. Can drink now and should be even better in a few years time. Tastes of black cherry and plum fruits on the palate.Like most great Aussie Shiraz, its a bit loud, voluptuous mouthfeel, oak, plum, fruit, spices, earthy. Very decent 91/100.

Campbells Bobbie Burns Shiraz Rutherglen 1995

This probably should have been drunk within its first 10 years. Now its on its last legs. Its still reasonable but the taste is mostly secondary fruit flavours (mocha, cedar, etc) all in the mix and the palate just holding on for dear life. Moderate but disappointing after being cellared so long 70/100.


horrrny_duuude said…
what's the difference between flavours and notes?
solomon said…
You are staying in a nice house as the background I presume....a cigar with a good wine...happy than become angels....
hal-2050 said…
What do you think of those so-called supermarket wines?

That is the wines supermarkets normally retail, at prices usually ranging from about 30 ringgit to 80 ringgit.
The Emperor said…
Could you please state the price as I do not want to over pay when we buy them from retail outlets. Thanks.
Salvatore_Dali said…
emperor... sorry but all 3 wines were gifts from friends ... i think if you can get the 2002 bin 128 penfolds below RM180 u should be good

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