2V1G's Album Coming Out In August

The first album by 2V1G was spectacular, selling well over 10,000 copies. Unfortunately Regine has left the group. I was skeptical about her replacement. So I was very relieved when I heard the first few recordings, Jeffrey Lim was superb. You can hear his voice in the following two videos. Winnie Ho is just as spectacular, and she has slimmed down nicely, you go girl.

Roger Wang is Roger Wang, brilliant but more assured this time around, maybe he has gotten the hang of Chinese melodies. The album is coming out in early August I believe. Look for Roger's composition Love Scale, which was covered by Jacky Cheung as well in his last album.


lingky said…
just get to know 2VIG tru 988 recently ~ fabulous voice ~ do u know where can buy their album ?

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