Friday, July 30, 2010

Malaysian Musicians and Jacky Cheung

Taken from pop pop music site, written by Leslie Loh:

some highlights on this jacky cheung's mini concert double-cd:

1) rogerwang's "love scale" is played by sham, another great malaysian guitarist

2) jz8's lydia chew sings backing vocals

3) jacky sings "lover's tears" in jazz style, delicious!

4) jacky sings his own classic "lei heong lan" in jazz and sam hui's "fut tew cheong" (an elvis presley's cover) in swing

5) malaysian great drummer, lewis pragasam plays drums

6) many songs with big-band backup in the album, fun!

4 malaysians involved in this project, you all should be darn proud!

get it!

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