Saturday, April 25, 2009

Business Reads To Start With

There have been a few readers who have asked me what business books to recommend. I am not going to recommend textbooks, as you can go and do a CFA and read those books on their required list. If you are venturing into the business world, in particular in financial industry, be it research, brokerage, remisier, dealer, fund management or investment banking - these books are a good start. These books are well written, but more than that, its rooted in reality. In the corporate world, you need to appreciate how the different players interact, how to view various players, deciphering the motivations of various players... It should help enormously to have a sense of the kind of loyalty, integrity and egos running around.

Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis

Cover Image

Panic! by Michael Lewis

Panic! by Michael Lewis: Book Cover

House of Cards by William D. Cohan

The Real Price of Everything by Michael Lewis

Cover Image

The Money Culture by Michael Lewis

Cover Image

The New, New Thing by Michael Lewis

Cover Image

Capital, The Story of Long Term Excellence by Charles D. Ellis

Cover Image

Barbarians At The Gate by Bryan Burrough & John Hellyar

Cover Image

p/s photos: Carmen Soo


Gamelion said...

CFA that The Crap & Funny Analyst being train to predict whatever the future earning might like to be which r based on flaw assumption of current earning model. It quite surprise that some of them like to project estimate earning for more than 3 years into the future because they knew nobody will keep a record on their performance after those years had already being passed !!!!!!

The Great Swifty said...

... nice Carmen Soo photos there. Wonder where it came from. Heh.

pica said...

How about Confessions of a Stock Operator?

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