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Ask Your Mistress Not To Sleep Around Please

Maybe I have been too hasty in making comments about the two affected parties. Yes, what they did was not illegal and my comparisons were inaccurate. Here is what is galling:
a) Tang has another mistress as well, so he has two mistresses plus a living wife and kids
b) absolutely no sensitivity to how his real wife and kids would feel for having blown this matter out in the open
c) absolutely no remorse about having more than one wife and a few mistresses... absolutely no respect for the wife
d) this guy thinks he is a tycoon living in China during the 1800-1900 with tons of concubines and maidservants
e) morality and treating fellow human beings with basic dignity and respect are non-existent concepts to him
f) when you give presents or gifts, give with a willing and generous heart, where got gifts that come with conditions??? ... you may ask her not to sleep around and if she does, then don't give her gifts again la... where got such claw back provisions???

Real-life stories are so much better than the movies or television series, they are a lot more fun and astounding. If you are wealthy, and you want to fool around and have a mistress, you need to be prepared for the consequences. This guy had a mistress and bought her some properties, some in her name, some in the mode of a trust - she even had a kid with that asshole. Apparently she was told not to have any other affairs while being her mistress. She had more than an affair, now a full blown relationship with a former Mr HK and TVB actor.

Now the old man wants the properties back. OMG what an asshole. Old man, you had a mistress, that's not right in the first place. Its been on going for years and you even had a kid together. You verbally requiring your mistress not to sleep with other guys IS JUST SO PATHETIC & RIDICULOUS. Its like a rapist asking his victim not to tell her parents. You are doing something wrong and you ask the other person in it NOT to do something wrong??!!!

I wish she would counter sue him and seek for half his assets. Many men do become assholes after they become rich, or were they just latent assholes just waiting for wealth to unleash their assholeness on the world?!!!

The Standard, HK:
Thursday, April 02, 2009

A wealthy businessman wants his mistress to hand back property he bought her worth more than HK$10 million because he claims she broke their agreement that she would not have sex with anyone else.

Angry shoe tycoon Patrick Tang Kim-kwan, 66, claims Karen Lee Chi- ting, 39, breached the conditions under which he agreed to buy her a series of properties between 2002 and 2005.

In a writ lodged with the High Court, Tang, claims Lee had an affair with former Mr Hong Kong, Wong Cheung-fat - who at 23, is 16 years her junior - and as a result she should return the properties.

Married Tang runs a successful shoe business and is a shareholder and director of Priway Investments Ltd. He is the former chairman of KTP Holdings (0645), and is popularly known as the "King of Shoes."

The writ says Tang met Lee in 2002 and formed an extramarital relationship with her. The following year, he bought a unit in Metro Harbour View on Fuk Lee Street, Tai Kok Tsui, for HK$1.7 million in her name to be held in trust for him. Tang said it was intended as a gift but was turned into a trust to hide their relationship. When Lee became pregnant in the middle of 2003, Tang said they made a verbal agreement that he would buy her a property provided she did not indulge in affairs with other men.

The writ is not clear on whether the agreement extended to properties bought before the pregnancy.

The nine-page document goes on to say that her interest in the property would revert back to Tang i

f she breached the agreement.

The couple later bought a house in Marina Cove in Sai Kung for HK$6.13 million under their joint names. Their daughter was born on April 16, 2004, and lived in the property with Lee.

The same year, Tang bought a flat at Royal Peninsula on Hung Lai Road, Hung Hom, for HK$2.68 million.

The property was registered in Lee's name though Tang claims in the writ it was in trust for him. He also bought a unit at Cheuk Nang Centre on Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, for HK$722,000, also in Lee's name and also in trust. Tang alleges Lee "wrongfully and in breach of the trust" and without his consent or knowledge sold the flat in Metro Harbour View for HK$2.1 million in December 2005.

He claimed he had been in the dark about the transaction until earlier this year when Lee's affair with Wong - who is also known as Francois Huynh - surfaced, prompting him to investigate the properties she held in trust for him.

The relationship between Wong and Lee received huge coverage in the media. In interviews at the time, Tang asked not to be identified and to only be referred to as "Mr T."

It is understood Wong fell in love with Lee at first sight when they met at a party last December.

Wong, who grew up in France, sent her messages, taught her French and spent most of his free time with Lee and her five-year-old daughter.

The relationship between Tang and Lee deteriorated further after Wong openly declared his love and gave up his career in show business.


Jasonred79 said…
Er... rape is illegal. Strangely enough, having a mistress is NOT illegal, in most parts of the world.
Big difference.

Let's use another different example.

Drug trafficking is illegal.

So... If Adam wants to buy 10 kg of Heroine from Brian... and he gives $1,000,000 to Brian, in exchange for the drugs... and Brian gives him brown sugar instead... can Adam get the money back through legal methods? lol.

There are many things in this world which are "wrong". The big question is still whether the courts find it "illegal" or not.
HollyS said…

I remembered one article by you with regards to the Yen/USD scenario. Now that Yen has almost reach 100 to a dollar, what's your view on the market, commodities and sustainability of this global rally?
China said…
Well, the mistress is not entirely innocent. It takes 2 to tango. At her core, she is just another cheating gold-digging home wrecker.
KoSong Cafe said…
Old man and young mistress - so predictable. I would consider this as one of the Buddhist 'sufferings' in the sense that when one is attached to someone or something, one would 'suffer' the loss of the person or item. What was he expecting from the mistress? Sooner or later, she would find someone...only difference was when he is still around to 'suffer' the loss and 'humiliation' that there was someone better visually and physically? He was asking for it to happen!

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