Friday, April 17, 2009

There Is A God, For Sure

This is Yoo Ye Eun when she was 5 years old, blind from birth. She was never taught how to play the piano, she plays it by ear. What she hears, she can replicate onto the piano. You know there is a God, for sure. There are no music sheets for her to read, and her parents were not musically trained. People can sing acapella and she can find the pitch and play within seconds.

and this is the recent duet between Yoo Ye Eun and Connie Talbot:

p/s photos: the 'babies' were made out of marzipan


Shana said...

amazing...thanks for posting this...
her name "Ye Eun" in Korean means 'God's grace'

There is definitely, truly a living God!

Gary said...

simply attributing a natural talent to a supernatural figment of thought, and thanking that being at the same time is selective judgement, in my humble opinion

how bout attributing to the same supernatural being for the prodigy's blindness as well? ;)

pj pilgrim said...

Actually this is evidence of rebirth. No kidding. Check out the work of Dr Ian Stevenson

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