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Cooking With Dali - Very Spicy Sweet & Sour Lamb

I think I had versions of this dish in many older Hakka establishments or those who cooked for colonial masters during their time.I have not had a decent one for a long time, so I tried to dissect the dish on my own. 

Its my own recipe, so you can tweak it as you like ... but let me tell you, its very very goooood!!!

I use lamb shoulder as it is more flavorful when you fry them or stew them. Ask your butcher or supermart guy to cut it into small pieces for you.

This is the list for making the sauce: vinegar, Lingam's chilli sauce, tomato sauce and chicken broth.

Pick and choose your veggies, I used large onions, red onions, capsicums, cherry tomatoes and bird eye chillies.

Use Lea Perrins to fry the lamb on a non stock pan for 3 minutes each side, adding Lea Peerins before they dry out.

I use Pomegranate juice for the sauce base, or you can use pineapple juice, but I always have pomegranate juice in my fridge... so ...

Fry 3 minutes each side and sprinkle a touch of sea salt, set aside.

The soft ones, cherry tomatoes quartered and chillies diced.

The hardier veggies, brown the onions first in a bit of oil, mid-low fire for 3 minutes. Then add the capsicum and stir for another 3 minutes. Put in half a cup of chicken broth and stir fry till almost completely dry.

The sauce is up to you. I poured in half a box of chicken broth. Half a cup of vinegar, Half a small bottle of ketchup. Three big spoonfuls of Lingam chilli sauce (or as much as you want for fire in your mouth... 3 spoons are a lot already). Add one cup of pomegranate juice or pineapple juice. Add two big spoonfuls of sugar... stir and taste and boil for a couple of minutes. You can add any of the above to tweak to your taste.

Add  a couple of tea spoons of corn starch with water to thicken sauce. Then put in all the veggies, plus tomatoes and chillies.

Add in the lamb, let it stew on medium flame for 10 minutes ...

You are good to go ...

(p/s kids will love this dish with rice, just substitute chicken pieces for lamb, remove all chillies and the Lingam sauce)

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Andrew said…
Lamb can cook so fast? Or did you add tenderizer? Will it be chewy? I have zero experience with lamb but just thought it will take much longer to cook.

But your cooking, all of them, looked like a bull run man.... :-P
Salvador Dali said…
these are think shoulder lamb chops, so no need so long ... they are not thick like cutlets
Salvador Dali said…
thin not think

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