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The Fun Rides Are Getting Ridiculously Crazy

I like fun rides at amusement parks, not a lot but I am OK to participate. Some roller coaster rides have been getting more and more nerve racking, more turns, spirals, speed and heights that they drop from. Thats still OK because once you move its kinda like on its own speed.

This new ride at Phantasialand in Germany called TALOCAN reminds me of a gut churning ride, Loop-de-Loop, which you still see nowaday of a trainlike seating that goes up in a full circle, like a loop and will stay upside down for a few seconds before dropping. The TALOCAN does that but with a lot more twists. You take this ride, you'd be walking with weak knees for an hour.


bruno said…
A bulltrap or market top?

On Thursday morning,the markets started on a sour note and at one point the Dow was down about 10 dozen pts.Only to rally to breakeven at close.

Today's NFP at 248k was way above market expectations.And the greenback went through the roof.The Dow gained over 200 pts and closed at 17010,80 pts above fib 38.2(16,930).

I think that today's rally in stocks and Usd is way overdone.

For stocks it could be a bulltrap,as euphoria and complacency is high.

The Usd has had a good dozen weeks of continuous gains and is way overdue for a correction.

I have gone short the S&P at 1968 and short Usd/Yen at 109.72 at close.

Have a nice weekend guys and gals.
bruno said…
Just went flat short Usd/Yen for 100 pips profit and short S&P for 3 pts profit.

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