Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Democracy would see poor people dominate vote, CY Leung saysas he initiates his own seppuku

Wow... I thought Malaysia had a stranglehold on politicians making the silliest comments. Now we have some competition. Hong Kong's Beijing-backed leader Leung Chun Ying told media that if the government met pro-democracy protesters' demands it would result in the city's poorer people dominating elections.Hence, you cannot run a HK democracy and that free elections were impossible.

Conclusion and side-admissions:
a) the poor people know nothing in HK/China
b) the other 50% deserve less than a vote per person as citizens
c) the poor do not know what's best for the country
d) HK only serves the rich and powerful, otherwise how did we get here
e) you, the other 50% are basically screwed and I am telling you in your face
f) poor people, you are Fucked and Fuck You

This is almost like the political crisis in Thailand, in that the poorer rural folks side with the ousted Thaksin and his cronies, while the city folks think that Thaksin is the devil incarnate and that the rural folks are stopping genuine demands for liberation and freedom from cronyism and excessive corruption.

Anyway, back to CY Leung:

"If it's entirely a numbers game and numeric representation, then obviously you'd be talking to the half of the people in Hong Kong who earn less than US$1,800 (S$2,250) a month," Mr Leung said in comments published by the WSJ and INYT.

Mr Leung's latest comments are likely to further fuel the anger of protesters who see him as hapless, out of touch and pandering to the whims of a small number of tycoons who dominate the financial hub.

("Gee... I am royally fucked by what I said" ... "must go to Chinese medicinal shop and ask for cure for foot-in-my-fucking-mouth disease")

His quotes also echo that of Mr Wang Zhenmin, a well-connected scholar and regular advisor to Beijing. Mr Wang said recently that greater democratic freedom in the semi-autonomous city must be balanced against the city's powerful business elite who would have to share their "slice of the pie" with voters.

"The business community is in reality a very small group of elites in Hong Kong who control the destiny of the economy in Hong Kong. If we ignore their interests, Hong Kong capitalism will stop (working)," he said in August.

If it’s entirely a numbers game – numeric representation – then obviously you’d be talking to half the people in Hong Kong [that] earn less than US$1,800 a month,” he said in reference to the median per capita wage. “You would end up with that kind of politics and policies.”


ronnie said...

My friend and his small family rents a flat in Lantau Island. It's about 400sq ft. He takes about 1.5 hours to reach his work place in Hong Kong island.

Low Paul said...

very honest view.

thanks for sharing.

KEE said...

i agree that democracy is not the answer to improving any economy, many democracies in this world eg Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri lanka, India , Indonesia, Philippines are all democracies that proved democracies do not bring about economic progress, on the other hand China's communist system had proved itself for 40 years that it worked ! what do people want ? freedom or prosperity ? in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan today, citizens got freedom to own guns and bombs, to impose self belief on fellow believers and then execute fellow believers for non compliance, but not in China, people only got freedom to earn as much money as one can, and freedom walk peacefully in the park at night , which is not even available now in Malaysia !

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