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Which Meat You Can Take Off Your List

I was salivating over the posting by Camemberu over the 7 celebrity chefs operating at Marina Bay Sands. They include: Daniel Boulud, Guy Savoy, Santi Santamaria, Tetsuya Wakuda, Justin Quek, Mario Batali and Wolfgang Puck.

Five larger-than-life celebrity chefs held court before 300 international media

Since it will be sometime before I get to go down to Singapore to try their dishes, something came up which I would like to share with all my readers. This is actually a great conversation topic. If you have to give up one meat, which is the first and which is the last. Let's just focus on lamb, beef, pork, fish, poultry and duck.

If you are Chinese the majority would put lamb as their first meat to cut, duck would be a close second. If you are Muslim of course take pork out of the equation. I have tried this topic among colleagues from differing countries. If you are Middle Eastern, lamb is number one. They would cut fish out as they do not have much of that and duck as well.

If you are from South America, beef is your favourite meat, same for Brits and Americans. Naturally, Japanese would cut fish out last.

For me, my favourite in order: lamb, pork, duck, beef, fish, poultry. Duck is such a silly thing, there are not that many dishes you can do with duck and yet I rate it higher than beef. I love lamb or mutton, I love the sou-mei, the more the better. In any case pork would win out anytime due to its versatility and that you can eat every part in plenty of imaginative ways.

Poultry is just poultry even if you get the best Shatin pigeon. The biggest drawback of duck is that it has the highest concentration of uric acid ~ nitrates ~ gout. Sigh!


Roy said…
I need fish and beef. The rest, I can live without.
Yew Chang said…
Strange you picked lamb for the most favored meat! Me too! Lamb, Pork, Beef, Fish, Duck and then poultry for me.. There's just so much flavor in the lamb to work with.

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