Friday, June 25, 2010

Steve Jobs Chatting With Bill Gates

This is so lame and silly that its somehow still fun to read ... btw, Steve Jobs is worth $5.5bn while Bill Gates is worth $53bn.

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates


kl said...

You are right. The jokes are indeed lame but has a certain kind of appeal. So what do self made billionaires talk about to each other when they meet? To me, if I am a billionaire, anything else but money.

Ivan said...

haha . ..
give me a pieces of rest :)
thanks bro

solomon said...

True. The next 12 months we have to rely on the TOP100 richie in world to move the economy.

I guess not the Bank needs Gates. The world need people like him??

resumedocket said...

I agreed to these comments that"The bank not needs the Gates,The World need people like him".Funny hah....!
I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

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