Monday, June 21, 2010

The Last Polka - Best Malaysian Ice Cream

You can have your Haagen Dazs ... but once you crave for the local flavours such as yam, corn and red bean ... things start to get to less than premium taste. Now fret no more. There is a dedicated home made ice cream that aims to make a great tasting product with a penchant to satisfy the local taste buds.

I like to support passionate people who dedicate themselves to doing something niche and distinctive. They will deliver to you at certain meeting points provided you are OK to pick up in Klang, Damansara or Subang area. Horlicks flavour is unbelievable, and if you are a true blue Malaysia, just hearing about Horlicks flavoured or White Coffee flavoured ice cream should start your engines.

p/s the writer has not been paid a fee nor does he know the proprietors

If you're looking for great tasting homemade ice cream in Kuala Lumpur, you've come to the right place. Made with 100% natural ingredients, we combine our creamy French-style ice cream with the regional Asian flavours we love.

The Flavours

Mango Our best-selling flavour, every scoop will remind you of Asia's favourite fruit. We could have taken the easy way out and made this a fruit sorbet, but instead we purée fresh and juicy mangoes, then add cream and eggs to turn it all into the delightful creamy mango ice cream that's become much-loved by our friends and family.

Horlicks Whether it's the comfort of a warm drink before bedtime as a kid, or the memories of a Horlicks Ais "gao" at your favourite mamak, Horlicks ice cream makes our world go round and we hope it does for yours, too. We love it so much it was the obsession with perfecting Horlicks ice cream that got us started in the first place.

Green Tea Also known as matcha ice cream, our version is intense and creamy at the same time, the better to bring out the best of this Asian classic. Made with top quality green tea leaves, make our green tea ice cream a special treat at any time of the day.

Malt and Peanut Butter We've been alive quite a while and have yet to meet a single person who didn't love peanut butter. We made this ice cream for those of you who, like us, love dipping your fingers into a peanut butter jar. Not only are you spared the sticky fingers, it's like eating peanut butter ice cold.

White Coffee The nation's favourite drink at the moment, white coffee is so named because they roast beans without sugar up in Ipoh, resulting in a lighter coloured coffee than regular kopi. Light it may be in hue, but every spoonful packs a punch. This is the ice cream for lovers of local coffee!

Black Sesame An acquired taste, people who love black sesame ice cream know they're on to something. It's weird at first crunch, but we guarantee you'll love it in no time. We slow roast black sesame seeds, pound them into a fine paste, sprinkle extra sesame for that special crunch, then turn that all into one of our best ice cream flavours ever.


Gamelion said...

Wow! Now a stock promoter wanna
branch out to other expertise such
as ice-cream. Stock market r so dull
& no business nowadays lah !!!!!!!

ccdev said...

nothing on the quality or safety control of the production facilities though. maybe i'm just being paranoid but old photos of some 'manufacturing businesses' that i've seen in malaysia still give me the creeps.

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