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Movie Review: Dream Home

When I was in HK a couple of weeks back, I had a free afternoon and wandered in to watch a just released HK movie Dream Home. Had no bloody idea what the movie was going to be all about. OMG, it was a slasher movie in the vein of Takeshi Ishii (Freeze Me) and Takashi Miike (Audition & Ichi The Killer), he would have been proud of this one.

Directed by Hong Kong director Pang Ho-cheung (‘Exodus,’ ‘Isabella’, 'You Shoot I Shoot'), this movie probably would have a hard time to find backers if it wasn't executive produced by Josie Ho (the lead) and also the daughter of Stanley Ho. Owing to her clout, the cast include many big names in the industry, people you wouldn't dream of being in this kind of movie.

The movie is UNLIKELY to get passed to be screened in Malaysia or Singapore, so make sure you get your authentic copy online. If the censors get their hands on it, that thing would become a 4 minute movie.

With a style that’s both lucid and extreme, the film tells the story, without holding back on any of its most violent particulars, the mad obstacle course of a young woman capable of doing anything in order to obtain her dream home (with a sea view). The film is also a solemn, and at the same time psychotic, homage to the city of Hong Kong, to its high-rises, its houses, and its miniscule apartments, all destined to remain for many young single people, unobtainable goals, due to the extortionate prices of the entire real estate sector!

Defined and announced as the craziest and the most bloody slasher movie ever made in Hong Kong, Dream Home stars the superb Josie Ho Ho who with her company “852 Film” is also responsible for the film’s production. For Pang Ho-cheung, the film was a truly unique opportunity, not only for the extraordinary budget of US$4 million (entirely unusual for the cinema of Hong Kong today) but also for the possibility to bring to the big screen one of his numerous bizarre and irresistible stories about ghosts and black humour.

A curious fact: the film’s soundtrack is entirely Italian, composed by the musician Gabriele Roberto, who has already worked with Pang in 2007 for the thriller Exodus. Roberto has lived in Tokyo for many years, and is responsible for the music of many cinema projects; the musical scores of Memories of Matsuko and Paco and The Magical Picture Book being amongst his most famous compositions.

Cast :
Josie Ho Chiu Yee
Anthony Wong Chau Sang
Michelle Yip Suen
Eason Chan Yik Shun
Norman Chu Siu Keung
Lawrence Chou Jun Wai
Nina Pau Hei Ching
Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung
Lo Hoi Pang
Juno Mak Jun Lung

Its graphic, senseless at times, but extremely well executed (pardon the pun). Not for those with weak hearts.



pang hou cheong has another classic being screened now in malaysian cinemas - "love in a puff" (chee ming & chun kiew). absolutely hilarious and entertaining and to make it even more precious: zero censorship of cantonese vulgarity, which there are plenty of!

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