Friday, October 09, 2009

Confirmed... My Favourite Chinese Restaurant In Town

Being in Malaysia, there is no shortage of Chinese restaurants. Being Cantonese myself and growing up on Cantonese food, I am partial to that cuisine when it comes to Chinese food. I love the hawker stalls and single dish operators, but when you want to have a very decent Cantonese/Chinese meal, cost comes to mind and as well as quality and taste. The Rasa Sayang restaurants have been doing great business in that niche market, you can even throw in Overseas restaurants. However, I am convinced Chef Choi in Jalan Ampang takes the top prize. For its location, setting, very ample parking, superb quality and amazingly decent prices... I am shocked that many have not discovered Chef Choi yet.

It even has a very snazzy website, unfortunately it does not have the prices of each dish. Let me assure you that they are decently priced, and they come in S, M and L depending on the number of guests you have at your table... very convenient.

Interestingly, I found that I was not alone, in fact highly popular and respected food bloggers have reviewed Chef Choi and came away with high distinctions. Read their reviews here:

Chef Choi's own website, and you can get the map there as well for its location. Wisma MCA, next to it is a Chinese temple, Chef Choi is next to that, and after Chef Choi is the always full (but I don't know why ... its not THAT good folks.. ) Pelita Nasi Kandar.

I love their soups as a starter, just take any of them, powsum-chicken is very good. You got to try their prawn coated in superior soy (tauchau) but ask how much it will cost per prawn first, the big headed prawn can be RM50-RM60 each, the smaller kind is RM20-RM30, one per person will do. I absolutely love the Chef Special Sang Mee, another must. Beware, the suckling pig needs to be pre-ordered, they run out very fast. For desserts, if you love almond tea like me, you will adore their papaya-almond tea. The mango cream is good as well.

Not paid by Chef Choi in any way.... please note that they have a promotion now which gives you 25% off the bill when you dine ala carte (i.e. not from the set menus), good till end of November I think.


KoSong Cafe said...

Thanks Dali, for the pointer on a good Chinese restaurant in KL.

The problem with Jalan Ampang is the traffic jam which can put off many who do not reside in KL.

The price of prawn...I would resist seafood and go to Tg. Tuallang or my new favourite, the rustic restaurant in Kg Baru Ayer Tawar where I can enjoy sea breeze (actually from river mouth only) and imagine the tune of Blue Bayou.

I would leave the rat race to more energetic, young and mobile professionals.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The sang mee is my favourite too. It's a pity that Chef Choi doesn't attract more people. Perhaps it's the misconception that prices are expensive. They're definitely on the high side, but not very much different from some of the top Chinese restaurants in town.

Thanks for linking me, by the way. :-)


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