Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bogus-Pretend-Monks Should Be Arrested

Saw this in Bual-Bual Kosong site, thought it was good to spread the news around. They especially target the tourists - isn't there something the police could do??? We have so many "unscrupulous matters" that bugs the shit out of tourists to the country. We spend millions luring them in, with "Malaysia, Truly Asia"... and once they arrive we allow them to be screwed royally one way or another. Either by the bad hats among the legion of Robbing Hoods taxi drivers, or being pestered no end by the pretend-monks. Protect the tourists so that they will say "nice things" about the country, goodwill travels far and wide. If you had a bad experience while visiting a new country, do you think you will be back, and what will you be telling your friends!!??

I am sure we can get them arrested. If I don a police uniform and ask for money, I can be arrested. If I don a boy scout uniform and solicit donations, can I be arrested... of course, its deceiving someone to think you are someone else and causing the other person to part with their money due to the mis-perception. Now, why can't we arrest these bogus monks??

bogus monk

bogus monk En

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see said...

Yeah well, I got scolded by the "monk" for not donating.

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