Friday, October 02, 2009

Biggest Global & Asian Hedge Funds

1. Paulson Advantage Plus
Fund Asset: $2,171m
Strategy: Event Driven
3yr annualised rtn: 62.67%
2008 rtn: 37.80%
Location: New York

2. Balestra Capital Partners
Fund Asset: $800m
Strategy: Global Macro
3yr annualised rtn: 61.24%
2008 rtn: 45.78%
Location: New York

3. Vision Opportunity Capital
Fund Asset: $357m
Strategy: Relative Value
3yr annualised rtn: 61.13%
2008 rtn: 6.96%
Location: New York

4. Paulson Enhanced
Fund Asset: $2,535m
Strategy: Merger Arbitrage
3yr annualised rtn: 46.81%
2008 rtn: 12.45%
Location: New York

5. Quality Capital Mgmt – Global Diversified
Fund Asset: $747m
Strategy: Global Diversified
3yr annualised rtn: 36.22%
2008 rtn: 59.51%
Location: Weybridge, U.K.

6. Altis Global Futures Portfolio – Composite
Fund Asset: $1,340m
Strategy: Managed Futures
3yr annualised rtn: 32.89%
2008 rtn: 51.93%
Location: Jersey, Channel Islands

7. Belvedere Futures Strategy
Fund Asset: $365m
Strategy: Managed Futures
3yr annualised rtn: 32.00%
2008 rtn: 14.41%
Location: San Francisco

8. Pivot Global Value
Fund Asset: $754m
Strategy: Global Macro
3yr annualised rtn: 30.83%
2008 rtn: 51.90%
Location: Bermuda

9. RG Niederhoffer Diversified (Offshore) Class B
Fund Asset: $752m
Strategy: Global Macro
3yr annualised rtn: 30.67%
2008 rtn: 50.28%
Location: New York

10. Horseman Global
Fund Asset: $3,863m
Strategy: Equity Long/Short
3yr annualised rtn: 29.95%
2008 rtn: 31.26%
Location: London

Asia’s 25 biggest hedge funds in 2009
1..Sparx Group (Tokyo) US$4.82bn
2. Value Partners (HK) US$3.19bn
3. Artradis Fund Management (Singapore) US$2.722bn
4. ADM Capital (HK) US$2.2bn
5. Arisaig Partners (Singapore) US$1.996bn
6. Penta Investment Advisers (HK) US$1.910bn
7. Pacific Alliance Investment Management (HK) US$1.450bn
8. Target Asset Management (Singapore) US$1.400bn
9. Aisling Analytics (Singapore) US$1.186bn
10. Ortus Capital Management (HK) US$805m
11. LIM Advisors (HK) US$800m
12. Tree Line Investment Management (HK) US$760m
13. JL Capital (Singapore) US$618m
14. Sofaer Capital (HK) US$610m
15. Symphony Financial Partners (Singapore) US$600m
16. Asia Genesis Asset Management (Singapore) US$599m
17. Tower Investment Management (Tokyo) US$581m
18. Ward Ferry Management (HK) US$575m
19. Income Partners Asset Management (HK) US$520m
20. Lapp Capital (Singapore) US$500m
21. UG Investment Advisers (Singapore) US$496m
22. Argyle Street Management (HK) US$458m
23. Abax Global Capital (HK) US$455m
24. Brooke Capital (HK) US$450m
25. Asuka Asset Management (Tokyo) US$428m

p/s photo: Janet Hsieh Yi Fen


solomon said...

which is the Aisa Hedge Fund you like and why?

Sechai said...

May i know who compile this list?

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