Monday, July 13, 2009

Can We Stop The 'Athth Kiththing' & Wasting of Resources

Important Posting To People In Power:

Flip open the daily papers, go and see how many activities by our politicians that can be considered as pure 'ego trips', involving the many 'athth-kiththers', doing numbingly silly PR exercises. Gone are the days when we need to be seen by the people, shake hands with your constituencies, kiss the babies, etc... these are all WASTEFUL ACTIVITIES, its a waste of talent, a waste of labour, a waste of time, and promotes the same diatribe of inefficient allocation of resources. It also pollutes our mindsets, sets our thinking and culture to a more ancient time. These are the things we expect to see in North Korea!

So, please spend more time to plan more effectively, solve problems, seek out ideas, test out viable options, seek to improve long term sustainability programs for the country. STOP walking around streets, shaking hands, holding meaningless jamuans so that so many can be bored shitless... drinking rose syrup and trying to keep awake listening to meaningless speeches. STOP all those "processions" that just take up so much resources in planning and attending to these activities. ( I can understand if it was an election year, but don't do that in non-election years la).

When I was in primary school, we were roped in to stand in the fucking sun for 3 hours so that we could wave the fucking flags of certain Commonwealth countries whose dignitaries were down for a visit or some conference. That is child abuse, that is a silly use of resources, that is the kind of 'show and tell' we need not do... you mean we still need to impress dignitaries?? Who are these people that needed throngs of people to wave to indicate their importance. What kind of EGOS they have??? Are these things really important? What kind of values are we telling our people??? ... Nobody asked us kids whether we wanted to do it, whether we wanted to show respect to those people. Its not a matter of being patriotic or not, I would like my country to grow up, be respectful of the dignity of each citizen. DO NOT do things that causes many people to have to "pander and kowtow" to these superficial activities.

If I was a high ranking official, I would say, ... please don't do the tea party, no rombongan, don't ask people to leave work halfway to line the streets ... in fact, forget about the fucking signing ceremony. I want my fellow Malaysians to do meaningful things and not be dragged to do useless, cluttering, shallow, perfunctory stuff. I want people to know my ego is small, and does not need polishing. I hope my fellow citizens would appreciate the work done and not the wayang kulit. Can we all just help one another to grow up, please!!??

I thought the subservient mentality had gone when the colonial powers left??!! Am I the only one who think this is not "right", can't we have a more egalitarian society??!!

The other thing which we MUST stop is the stupid congratulatory messages on datukships, this award, that award, etc... ITS A FUCKING WASTE OF RESOURCES. If I was Teh Hiong Piow, and I were to get another award, I would make fucking sure to announce to all who regard me as demi-God that: ... PLEASE NO MORE CONGRATULATORY MESSAGES, just send me a card or convert the money you were about to spend on advertising to give to a charity in my name or Public Bank's name, I would really prefer you to do that. Right now, there is only one beneficiary, the papers.

Can all the ministers please issue a statement to all companies that under no circumstances are companies or individuals allowed to offer "congratulatory messages" or "thank you messages" in paper adverts. Do you KNOW HOW MUCH WE WILL SAVE A YEAR??? One page is about RM20,000... lets say there are 5 pages of these type of messages a day = RM100,000 x 365 = RM36.5m ... and I am being very conservative here, and this is ONE PAPER. Take 4 newspapers = RM146m, imagine how many old folks home and orphanages we can maintain ... or hey, that is 973 fucking university scholarships worth RM150,000 a year that we can grant.

Its time that our leaders take the initiative to really "lead", lead us all to broaden our minds, lead us all to discard wasteful activities ... Better government, smaller government, smaller egos, less talk, more action, smarter thinking ...

p/s photo: Carrie Lee


ps said...

the last part was dame true..donate to charity, but ppl want to "bodek" so they can get future project.

Ooi Beng Hooi said...

I did not see Singapore PM personally take MRT right to "show" to the people he cared about public transport infrastructure.

Both Pak Lah and Najib have personally taken train ride.

So what?

Who has better public transport?

And Singapore is already implementing expansion of MRT lines with anticipated ridership in year 2020! They even bring forward the target complete date for Downtown Line stage 3 and Marina South extension.

They are transparent in the project implementation. Public has easy access to the tender and project award processes, technical aspect and status of the project.


What has happened to our LRT extension?

solomon said...

Emperor New clothes lah?? No difference if you see in our offices right?

Beng Hooi,
People highway can also used as jet fighter runways. Ours??

BBabyB said...


No more expansion

see said...

LOL! I like the one about child abuse & Teh Hong Piow.

As they say, there are 2 things certain in life - death & taxes. I shall add another - all politicians are bastards, no matter which party or which country

mustakim said...

" that is child abuse ".....

and youre probably


I don't know about you. But prefer sitting in the same train-car as a politician and getting my face in the background news front pages than having good public transport system loh...

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