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King Pie - Its Really Good!

I have to get more people to try out King Pie cause I am scared that mediocre business may force them to close shop. Although I think they are doing OK, but the rents must be killing them, hence I need to rally more people to at least try out my favourite pie shop.

Pies are not big with Malaysians. Its great with foreigners. I had plenty of meat pies in Australia, including the 4/20 and the famous kiosk in Woolloomooloo - all still pretty average. There was only one decent pie place, and that was at Pitt Street Hilton, but even that changed hands.

I must say that King Pie bakes the best pies I have ever tasted. Its the flaky outside pastry, yet there is a thin doughy part after that, and succulent, generous meat/sauces. I am there at least once if not twice a week. Now they are at Suria KLCC (just outside KFC), Tesco Mutiara Damansara and 1Utama (opposite Laksa Shack).
Its always warm/hot, and they discard pies not sold after a couple of hours (really!!!).

The franchise is from South Africa and I hope it continues to well in Malaysia. Here I have to qualify that I am not an investor in King Pie (M), or dating the owner, or his/her daughter, or even know who the owners are.

Their best seller is Chicken Mushroom, but my favourite is Pepper Steak. Other pies that must be sampled include: Mutton Curry (seriously), Steak & Cheese, Spinach & Cheese ... The other item you must order is their fries. The only trouble is you have to wait 4 minutes each time cause they are microwaved the moment you order. Surprisingly, it comes out as the closest thing to the best french fries ever (I am not kidding)... What makes good french fries, cannot be too thin, it has to have some size, and because its not fried in oil, its not oily... its piping hot and a bit crunchy on the exterior (good bite feel) and soft in the middle. You can taste the "potato-ness". Its certainly the best fries in the country.

The attention to detail and ingredients selection (e.g. they only use topside beef) helps them to come up with a superior product. Give them a go!


sqkanji said…
Hi Dali,

I agree with u. They sell the best pies in KL and served them hot.My fav is mutton curry!.
Jomaropol said…
Haha Dali, back to your food reviews again. King's Pie is a family biz, and yeap the daughter's married.

Like you I share a passion for pie, when I was in Australia, I would walk to the nearest Petrol kiosk every other night and get one of those meat pies, to microwave it back home and wolf it down.

I was missing pies for years until the King showed up. Thank goodness for King's pie. Only wish that they have a way of tah pauing the mustard to go with those juicy pies.

Btw Dali, great trailblazing articles in The Star!

H said…
Oh wow, make me really hungry in this rainy afternoon. Hope they are still around when I go to KL.
tsentze said…
Dali what do you think about the prospects of 2008 recession (US) and possibly global?
Salvatore_Dali said…
us recession... not likely, the recnt jobs situation confirms it ... its not going to be teriibly exciting anyway as people become more wary of housing effects ... however the whole world will learn next year that the US companies depend more on the global economy and not as much on their domestic economy for growth
random said…
dammit Dali.. I should get you to promote my bah kut teh stall..
deborah said…
I enjoy good pies too, but after trying a few mediocre ones... u know lah! thanks for the recommmendation, will go visit the outlet at MD this weekend... Maybe I see u there?? haha
Vronique said…
Hey S. Dali - my whole office LOVES the FRIES! I would call it "chips", as its really good ol' satisfying comfort food! Nobody can resist it.....
sickput said…
I ta pau some when they opened their KLCC branch. The chicken mushroom, which was reccomemnded in the press was not to my liking. So have not bought any since. maybe should try the other flavours with "chips" this time.

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